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About Me

Hello! I’m Geraldine, a healthy foodie hailing from the sunny island of 🇲🇹 Malta, embarking on a journey to give Maltese cuisine a healthy makeover. I was inspired to create this blog as I’ve long had an internal struggle of wanting to enjoy my favourite treats (I can just live on sweets), yet always felt extremely guilty after a bit of indulgence. My blog is all about celebrating the beauty of healthy food, and I strongly believe that, with a touch of creativity, indulgence and healthy can go together perfectly.
Healthy Carrot Cake topped with Vegan Cream Cheese frosting and decorated in a purple ribbon
A close up image of mushroom stuffed aubergines
A slice of vegan Gateau Marie, also known as mama's cake or coffee gateau
Healthy Maltese Bread Pudding wrapped in pink ribbon
Close up photo of the Qassatat tal-pizelli
Biting right into a Helwa tat-Tork mini cheesecake
Healthy Baci ball split in half


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