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Welcome to The Healthy Malteser

Hey there, welcome to The Healthy Malteser! This healthy food blog is here to transform all your favorite foods into healthy, plant-based, allergy-friendly alternatives, with zero compromise on taste. We’re here to help you stay healthy with minimal effort whilst still enjoying the most popular traditional Maltese food and Maltese sweets, such as Pudina tal-Hobz, Kwarezimal and Figolli.

We’re all about indulging your taste-buds and nourishing your body with hearty, nutritious ingredients.

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    Meet the Creator

    Geraldine is a lover of anything sugary and could live on just desserts. After years of unhealthy relationships with food and struggling to stay healthy, she started developing copycat recipes. Healthy recipes that are every bit as tasty, yet containing nourishing and nutritious ingredients. 

    So if you’re a foodie who loves to stuff your face with yummy treats, this blog is for you, and we’ll help you stay healthy too! 

    With a touch of creativity, indulgence and nutrition can go together perfectly. 😉

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    Healthy Recipes for
    Weight Loss

    All the recipes on this blog are healthy. Not all of them are low-calorie. That’s because ingredients like nuts are super nutritious yet also high in calories. If you’re after low calorie, weight loss recipes specifically, our diet section has you covered. All our recipes feature nutritional information and can be found on MyFitnessPal if you use this app to track your nutrition. 

    Whether you’re after a healthy snack to munch on, a hearty dinner recipe for your family or a decadent vegan dessert, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your taste buds on The Healthy Malteser.

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